Hey there, I'm Laney

Photographer | Friend | Helper | Lover of the small things

Hey their friends, Im Laney. I’m a joyful North Carolina Photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was born and raised here as a southern gal and although I love my roots, one of my favorite things to do, when I’m not photographing beautiful souls, is travel. I have only been out of the country one time so far in my 22 years in this world but I do plan to do so much more in my coming years. Although I love to travel far and wide, I also find so much joy in traveling a little closer to home and finding hidden towns with southern charm. I just absolutely adore those little historic towns that seem to be frozen in time! My favorite travel buddies are my boyfriend who I’ve loved since high school and my good friends. Other things I love include my family and close friends, my two doggos, and making art. I can’t wait to learn all about you and what you love and cherish. Until I get to chat with you, let’s connect on Instagram @laneyloganphotography


I live for

I live for

My family means everything to me! I have always been close with my family and I love to spend time with them when I can. I can’t imagine life without them and I am always so thankful for the support that they have always shown me in life and in my passion for photography!


I love to make

Ever since I was little I have been so creative. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother during the summer and after school and if I wasn’t outside playing, you could find me in the craft room doing some type of art. I love making all types of things but some of my favorite types of art include photography of course, water color painting, hand lettering, and refurbishing furniture. 

Spring and Fall

My favortite seasons are

I am a lover of warm and cool weather but not cold weather. I love spring and fall because they are the two times of transition between winter and summer and the weather is just so nice! It's not too hot out but its also not too cold. I am not a huge fan of the cold unless it involves snow. 

A few little facts about me

A few little facts about me