Photographer | Friend | Helper | Lover of the small things

hey there, I'm Laney

Hey there friends, Im Laney. I’m a joyful North Carolina Photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was born and raised here as a southern gal and although I love my roots, one of my favorite things to do, when I’m not photographing beautiful souls, is travel. I have only been out of the country one time so far in my 22 years in this world but I do plan to do so much more in my coming years. Although I love to travel far and wide, I also find so much joy in traveling a little closer to home and finding hidden towns with southern charm. I just absolutely adore those little historic towns that seem to be frozen in time! My favorite travel buddies are my boyfriend who I’ve loved since high school and my good friends. Other things I love include my family and close friends, my two doggos, and making art. I can’t wait to learn all about you and what you love and cherish. Until I get to chat with you, let’s connect on Instagram @laneyloganphotography

fresh Flowers

I love to have a vase of fresh flowers around the house. They always smell so good and just brighten a room. Some of my favorites include anemone's, tulips, peonies, hydrangeas and pretty much any light pastel flower.

my puppers

These two bring light into my life everyday! My sweet Chloe and Stella are so loving and are my animal best friends. Their personalities are so cute, funny, and loving and I am so thankful for their unconditional love!

Graphic Design

My college major was graphic design and I'm so glad it was because I love it and use it so much!  As a small business owner, its so nice to have the knowledge and ability to design for myself and for other small businesses.

Small towns

I grew up in a small town and I love them so much. The old architecture is so beautiful and has so much history. One of my favorite small towns is Covington, GA. It's such a beautiful historic town, and it's also where a few of my favorite shows were filmed. It's some kind of beautiful!

my favorite things