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March 24, 2021

Girls Trip – Covington GA, Savannah GA, Charleston SC

I love to travel and see new beautiful places and it was so fun to get to travel new places with my two best friends! A few months prior to our trip, we had the random idea to go on a trip. It really started with our love for the well known series, Vampire Diaries and the newer but amazing Netflix series, Sweet Magnolias (If you haven’t watched it, you must!). These two favorites of ours were both filmed in Covington, Georgia.

When we started planning we decided to make it a long weekend and so thats when we came up with the idea to visit Savannah, Georgia and then Charleston, South Carolina.

Day One – Covington GA

As our trip got closer, we got a little worried with the bad forecasts of strong wind, rain, and possible tornados. We left early in the morning on Thursday and were able to almost completely miss all of it. We had a little light rain on the way there and then a short storm when we were in Covington but that was all. It turned out to be a beautiful day in Covington.

When we got to Covington we parked the car in the town square and went sightseeing on foot. The town was absolutely beautiful and I was ready pack my bags and move there. We got to see so many filming sights from the our two shows and we had a ton of fun. We ate lunch at the Mystic Grill (Vampire Diaries) which was also Sullivan’s in sweet magnolias. I had chicken and waffles (a favorite of mine) and a tropical cocktail that was delicious! After lunch we did some more walking around, made some fun and hilarious TikToks (which I learned I’m not great at) and we visited the Vampire Diaries gift shop and museum where we got our blood bag drinks. We also all got matching sweet magnolias t-shirts.

We also visited Emory University which was Whitmore College in Vampire Diaries. After that we headed to the hotel and got changed for dinner.

We started our evening at a cute little restaurant called City Pharmacy where we got drinks and an amazing appetizer. We misjudged the menu and it was a little too fancy for our taste so after our appetizer and drinks we headed to the pizza place in town and it was delicious.

Covington was such a cute little town and we had so much fun seeing all the sights!

Day 2 – Savannah, GA

On Friday, we headed out of the hotel early and stoped for breakfast at the local Waffle House. After that we hit the road and made our way to Savannah. We stayed at a beautiful hotel called the Alida in the historic district.

After getting checked in, we headed to city market where we at at Wet Willies for lunch. After that we got some slushies to go and did some sightseeing and photos on foot. Our hotel had cute little bikes available to us so after our walk, we went on a bike ride to Forsyth Park. It was so beautiful and we had a great time. After spending some time in the park we rode back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.

We made the mistake of not making dinner reservations but it worked out because we found a super cute diner called the Duck Diner that had amazing food and no wait time! I got chicken and waffles again lol.

After dinner, we decided to head to the pool. It was an outdoor pool but it was said to be a heated pool. I was not the warmest and so we didn’t spend much time in the pool since we (or mostly I) were freezing. They had some good laughs watching my reaction to how cold I was. Then we headed up to the rooftop bar and sat for a while up there, taking in the views.

Day 3 – Charleston, SC

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast in the Alida’s restaurant and then hit the road. When we got to Charleston we found a really cute cafe and enjoyed brunch. For the third time, I got waffles (can you tell I love waffles, and breakfast food)!

After brunch we headed downtown and did some sightseeing on foot. There was a location that I really wanted to take some photos at, but didn’t have an exact address for, but we were able to find it and it was so pretty! We walked around and took photos for a while and dreamed of living there.

Next we headed to see The Angel Oak. It was a different experience than we had expected but it was amazing. The tree was so beautiful and so old. It was amazing to see it and stand underneath its mass. I recommend seeing this tree if you are ever in Charleston.

After that, we headed to Folly Beach and dipped our toes in the water (we they did, It was too cold for me). We didn’t spend much time there because it was so windy and cold and so we headed back to the hotel and got ready for our fancy dinner. We went back downtown for dinner and ate at a place called the Swamp Fox. There was live Piano and the food was some of my favorite. We each got something different, but all of our meals were so amazing and its somewhere we plan to eat at again whenever we visit Charleston again!

The next morning we ate breakfast at a cute cafe and headed home. It was such a fun Trip and I was so happy to spend it with my two best friends. My favorite part was most definitely visiting Covington. I loved the small town feel and all the beautiful old houses.

Now enjoy some pictures from the trip!

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