January 10, 2021

Laney Logan Photography is Officially ONE Year Old

My passion for photography started many years ago. In fact, I can remember the days when I used to love taking photos with my point and shoot camera. I was still in elementary school when I got my first little blue point and shoot. I loved that camera and took it with my everywhere. Fast forward to high school and my parents graciously bought me my very first DSLR camera, a Canon EOS Rebel. I had wanted one for a while and when I finally got one I truly fell in love with photography.

I remember going on long walks with my dad, taking photos of whatever interested me and even walked around the house with it and took photos of anything and everything in artistic ways.

It didn’t take me long though before my interest was redirected to portrait photography. Some of the first portraits I took were in my high school photography class that I took my junior year. From then on, my love for portrait photography only grew.

At first, it was just me, a friend, and my camera. I was constantly exploring and thinking of cool new photoshoots. Then, when I was a freshmen in College, I started to branch out and I got into senior portraits. My passion kept growing and again took me to new places and eventually I found my love for wedding and engagement photography.

After many years of photography just being a passion, I took the next step in my journey, and officially became a business one year ago. It feels so amazing to say that I successfully made it through my first year of business (and I did it in 2020).

Who new what a year 2020 would be and even though it was a tough year, myself and my business grew so much. My photography style became more consistent and I am loving the photos I take. My business got a beautiful new look, logo, website and all. I photographed many weddings and met made many photographer friends. My portfolio grew. I booked several weddings for 2021 and am still taking on dates.

It makes me so happy to look back on my first year in business and see what all I accomplished. So thank you to all who supported my business in my first year. I am so thankful for all my amazing clients, friends, family and everyone who supported me along the way. I am so excited to see what my second year in business holds for me and I feel so prepared to take it all on.

  1. Jen Joyner says:

    I love you and your photography skills! I had another friend take our Christmas pics and they were just NOT the same as if you had taken them!!!! I will call you for sure next time!

  2. Melissa Robinson says:

    Beautiful images! Love that your passion has turned into a wonderful business! Best of luck in year 2 and beyond!

  3. Hillary says:

    Congrats on your first year business anniversary! Your work is beautiful!

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