December 14, 2020

Intimate December Wedding | Bri and Trey

This year may be causing many disruptions and cancelations but it sure isn’t going to cancel love. Especially not for Bri and Trey. For these two, marrying one another couldn’t wait any longer and being together was the most important part of their day. While they didn’t get their big wedding day this year as planned Bri and Trey made the most of it and still happily married each other.

They started off their morning together with some quality time before parting ways to get ready. I was honored to be able to spend the time with Bri and Lizzie and help her get ready. We had mimosas and music and such a great time.

Bri and Trey decided to have an evening ceremony and so we headed downtown for some couple portraits prior to the ceremony. Their excitement couldn’t be contained and it showed. They laughed and loved through all of their photos, sharing some more serious moments here and there.

After portraits we headed back to Bri and Treys apartment where family was waiting to happily great them and prepare for the ceremony. Everyone gathered in the decorated clubhouse and watched as they married one another. Even their pet guinea pigs were there in support.

The ceremony was beautiful and there wasn’t a dry eye around. The words that were exchanged from one to another were so beautiful and heartfelt.

Bri’s family was unable to attend and so they watched from a face-time call. After the ceremony, Bri took some alone time to video chat with her mom and sister.

Once everyone had a chance to congratulate the newlyweds, Bri and Trey enjoyed a meal in downtown Raleigh at one of their favorite restaurants, The Raleigh Times.

Next year, Bri and Trey plan to marry one another again at their original venue with their original plans. I think it sounds like a great way to spend their one year wedding Anniversary.

Congratulations to the new, Mr and Mrs Andrews!

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