August 28, 2020

Allie + Chads American Tobacco Campus Engagement Session

When Allie reached out to me about photographing her and Chads wedding I knew they were going to be such a sweet couple and I am so glad that I finally got to meet them at their recent engagement session which turned out to be such a great experience.

Allie knew right away that she wanted her engagement portraits to be taken at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC. Although she and Chad had never been until their engagement portraits, she chose the location because she loved the look of the old rustic and industrial buildings. I think this choice was so great for the two of them.

At their session I learned so much about Allie and Chad. One thing that was so interesting to me was Allie’s engagement ring. I love rings that are unique and different and so of course when I saw Allie’s ring I loved it but I loved the special meaning to it more! The diamonds in Allie’s engagement ring were actually taken from Chads grandmothers ring that was passed down and re-set for Allies engagement ring. I thought this was so special! They have also chosen to take Chads late mothers ring and have it melted down for Allies wedding band. I love how special Allies rings are.

I also love to learn how couples meet and I though it was so adorable when Allie told me her and Chad actually met at her sisters wedding where they were both in the wedding party and they walked down the aisle together. Three years later and they’re on their way to marriage. How cute of a love story is that!

We continued to talk and the more we talked about the weeding the more excited I became. I am so excited to be heading to Tennessee this January to capture Allie and Chads wedding.

Some of the things I am so excited about are all the special little details and her ring bearer who I will tell you more about shortly. The two will be getting married on a family property in Tennessee. Their families are both from Tennessee and so they decided thats where they wanted to start their forever together. They are having a fairly large bridal party but the part that excited me most about this is that their ring bearer is her family pet Corgi. That is going to be such a cute sight! I can just picture him walking down the aisle now. How cute!

At the end of their session Allie showed me her dress which is so gorgeous and she showed me a few little wedding planning details like her bouquets which truly look like a winter wonderland. They are going to be so gorgeous.

I had so much fun with the two of them and I could see and feel their love for each other throughout the whole session and then again when I was editing their portraits!

Allie and Chad, You two are an amazing sweet and loving couple and I can’t wait to photography your wedding in January! I wish you the best of luck with all of your wedding planning Allie! I know it’s all going to be gorgeous!

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